Welcome to Wellington Hapkido

The dedicated practitioner of a martialessay writers art acquires a mental dexterity that combined with fitness and training provides for a calm and confident response in a wide variety of circumstances

- Anonymous, 1949.

The learning of Hapkido is suitable to men and women of all ages

Wellington Hapkido Martial Arts teaches the traditional style of Hapkido. We run a relaxed class where serious learning takes place with little formality in relaxed and friendly classes.
We operate out of a dedicated martial arts centre off Adelaide Road, Mt Cook. The facilities include a 200 m2 of padded mats, changing rooms, kick bags and other equipment specific to martial arts.
We are a non-profit club with all instruction and administration provided voluntarily by our members.

Wellington Hapkido teaches practical self-defence in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Each student is encouraged to learn and understand self-defence as a means to enable fitness, encourage well-being and better their what juicer should i buy character.

We offer FITNESS

What to expect at the first class

When you arrive one of the instructors will introduce themselves. You will be encouraged to join in or watch a class. Joining in is the best way to gauge if Hapkido is for you.

Before you start the instructor will normally ask you a few questions about your martial arts background and physical health. They will also provide you with a membership form. There is no obligation to join.

If you think you might try it out, just wear a tee-shirt and shorts or track pants. Bring a bottle of water too if you like.
A typical class consists of a warm-up followed by either some fitness drills or some kicking and punching. This can be quite intensive, so just do what you can.

The class is normally broken up into various grades at this point with instructors providing guidance where appropriate. Then we may do more striking, or move onto some self defence / joint locking drills. Finally we normally finish with some sparring (controlled fighting) which most beginners sit out. At the end of every class we do some stretching as a cool down. Look at our photo gallery for an idea of what a class looks like.

You will be given a membership application form and asked a few questions such as medical conditions, and background. We also reserve the right to decline a membership application without having to give a reason for doing so.
If you have more questions please contact us or Learn more

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