What is Hapkido?

Hapkido originated in Korea in about 1950 from an amalgamation of a number of styles. Hapkido teaches you to defend yourself and others against a variety of attacks. It combines hand strikes and powerful kicking with joint locks, pressure points, holds, takedowns and throws.

Hapkido includes the use of everyday items, such as coins, pens, magazines, and bags as defensive weapons. It also offers very good all round physical training – improving your aerobic capability, strength, stamina and flexibility.

The emphasis is not on hurting other people, but on being able to protect yourself and others around you with reasonable force. Hapkido’s techniques are based on an opponent’s attack, meeting that attack, turning it back on the attacker, and following through with offensive finishing techniques as required.

Hapkido’s development of combining techniques using the three distances of kicking, punching and grappling into powerful defences makes it a total martial art.

The best way to describe Hapkido is a “Mixed Martial Art” although unlike modern “Mixed Martial Arts” our focus is not on competition but on practical self-defence. Hapkido is a unique style that will enable you to defend yourself in just about any situation.


Hapkido Federation of New Zealand

Wellington Hapkido is affiliated to the Hapkido Federation of New Zealand, the governing body of traditional Hapkido in New Zealand. It’s Founder and President is Grand Master Lee Jung Nam, 9th Dan Hapkido; 9th Dan Taekwondo.

Hapkido in New Zealand recognises Master Callum Forbes, 6th Dan Hapkido, based at the Upper Hutt Club, as its Chief Instructor. He runs Hapkido New Zealand with help from Senior Instructors at affiliated clubs.

The web site for New Zealand Hapkido is www.hapkido.co.nz


We are also a member club of the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Association.
The World Kido Federation is one of the most renowned and respected Korean self defence Martial Arts organisations in the world and the  Hanminjok Hapkido Association is the largest Hapkido organisation in the world with over 550 member clubs in South Korea alone.


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